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Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike game with pixel-art graphics and simple interface.
Explore the depths of Pixel Dungeon, collect useful items, fight fierce monsters to find Amulet of Yendor (surprise!) - the ultimate artifact of this game world.
This is a beta and it's going to stay beta for some time, but it's fully playable. For now there're 15 levels, but I'm going to add 4-5 more levels with new monsters and items in every major release.
- In case of crash or freeze press "Report" button, it really helps to find the bug
- In case of incorrect behaviour of the game please contact me by email so I could ask you about the details
- Don't hesitate to send me a message if you've got any ideas about improving Pixel Dungeon



Change log

Version 1.9.2a2015-12-08 Version 1.9.22015-12-01 Version 1.9.12015-09-06 Version 1.9.02015-08-06 Version 1.8.02015-07-27 Version 1.7.42014-12-11 Version 1.7.32014-10-18 Version 1.7.2a2014-08-12 Version 1.7.1c2014-06-22 Version 1.7.1b2014-06-03 Version 1.7.1a2014-05-30 Version 1.7.12014-05-29 Version 1.6.4b2014-04-12 Version 1.6.4a2014-04-10 Version 1.6.42014-04-06 Version 1.6.3a2014-02-25 Version 1.6.32014-02-21 Version 1.6.2b2014-01-31 Version 1.6.2a2014-01-28 Version 1.6.1b2014-01-07 Version 1.6.1a2014-01-04 Version 1.6.0a2013-12-10 Version 1.6.02013-12-03 Version 0.5.4c2013-11-02 Version 0.5.4b2013-10-30 Version 0.5.42013-10-25 Version 0.5.32013-10-05 Version 0.5.22013-09-23 Version 0.5.1a2013-08-29 Version 0.5.12013-08-28 Version 0.5b2013-08-20 Version 0.5a2013-08-19 Version 0.4.5a2013-07-06 Version 0.4.52013-07-05 Version 0.4.4a2013-06-28 Version 0.4.42013-06-27 Version 0.4.32013-06-19 Version 0.4.2a2013-05-31 Version 0.4.22013-05-29 Version 0.4.12013-05-22 Version 0.42013-05-10 Version 0.3.4a2013-04-11 Version Market2013-04-11
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