Wild Blood 1.1.2[Paid]

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Animated the unforgettable hike of Sir Lancelot powered by Aerial Technology
The game craves ~2Gb of spontaneous separate in harmony to initiate.
Gameloft has harnessed the clout of the radical Chimerical Motor to carry unbelievable affrays in true-era, brimming 3D vivids. 
House the unforgettable migration of Sir Lancelot as you never experience ere!
Monarch Arthur has gone berserk, fueled by hellos envy beneficial Lancelot for romancing hellos partner, Sovereign Guinevere. In hellos despair, Arthur has been tricked by hellos sibling, the many-brawny witch Morgana Le Visionary, to ajar the Hellgate further permit many expressions of hags to engage the creation. Meanwhile, Morgana has captured Guinevere moreover keeps her pawn on the mysterious key of Avalon.
Forthwith Lancelot demands to encounter Monarch Arthur further the malignant Morgana in rule to unfettered the macrocosm from these baleful persons further redeem Guinevere.
The term for Sir Lancelot to aspect hellos karma is pronto!



Change log

Version1.1.22013-06-27Version1.1.12013-01-18Version1.0.9 2012-11-13Version1.0.7 2012-10-09VersionMarket2012-10-09
Description · · ·App Name:Wild BloodLatest:1.1.2Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:2.3 and upSize:21.44 MBUpdate:2013-06-27Permissions:Permissions
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  • jlester

    its 720 mb

    • andrey9797

      Does this even work for anyone here?

      • xionitto

        how big this file?

        • gioele235
          gioele235Version:1.0.7 Reply(2)2012-10-31

          i can't download the app file: it say: your memory space is full, freedom 0mb. I've galaxy nexus i9250. Can someone help me?

          • Reply:Reply(1)2012-11-01

            you should unstall some app or delete some file .

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